Native revegetation and planting


Qspray has a professional planting service. We can plant tube stock from $2 per tube for 300+ plants plus the cost of plant which usually ranges from $1-$2 from native nurseries. POA for lower quantities. We can plant any project large or small.

Prices also include fertiliser and activated water crystal with plant and initial watering in.

Matting and clearing


Qspray can also install matting around your revegetation trees and pre clear weeds prior to planting. 

Top quality fertiliser and water crystal


Qspray supplies top quality water crystal and fertiliser with your planting. You can be assured the small developing plants will have everything needed to kick start growth.

Initial watering


Qspray does the initial watering on new plants to ensure they are watered in correctly.

Large projects


Qspray works very closely with a large commercial landscaping partner and can recommend and work with our industry partner to deliver any project of any size anywhere in Queensland.